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Who We Are
Sperry Properties is Denver's locally owned, entrepreneurial and service-oriented, commercial real estate company for the small to medium sized owner, investor and user.

We help owners, investors and users, buy, sell, lease, refinance, redevelop, manage and troubleshoot commercial property including industrial properties (office, office/warehouse, showroom, R & D), office properties, retail properties and apartments.

Formed in 1998 to bring an ownership perspective to the commercial real estate brokerage business, Sperry Properties is staffed with professional agents and property managers who own property themselves. In other words, we know what it feels like to write the check for tenant finish, to sign the lease, to guarantee a construction loan. We know the challenges of finding the right space for your business and the hassles of moving. We know the questions investors wrestle with - when is the best time to buy, to sell, to hold? In other words, we know what it is like to be in our customers' shoes. This unique background allows us to advise and implement a wide range of solutions for our commercial real estate customers and provide answers and guidance that others cannot.

The Power of Focus
Because we are not all over the board or all over the map chasing deals, owners, investors and tenants of every size and shape, but focus instead on the needs of small to medium sized commercial property owners, investors, buyers, sellers and tenants in the office, warehouse, retail and apartment arenas, we are a niche-focused commercial real estate firm delivering outstanding market knowledge and experience, plus exceptional customer service to our target market.

Passionate About Our Work
Sperry Properties staff is passionate about what they do. We live, breath and immerse ourselves each day in our property type. We consist only of experts in small to medium sized commercial property. We know what our customers are looking for because we work in this market every day and are owners ourselves. We have the experience to answer our clients' complex requests. Because we are a small, focused, local agency, our customers often get the service, attention and answers that they cannot get elsewhere. As a group of experienced, commercial agents and owners that are also trained in marketing, we not only sell and lease buildings, but we also strive to add business value to every transaction, and our ongoing client relationships tell us that we've succeeded.

Please click here to meet the Sperry Properties commercial brokerage team and then visit our commercial real estate client testimonials page to see for yourself what our clients are saying about their experience with Sperry Properties.

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