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What We Do
Sperry Properties provides purchase, sales, leasing and property management services to small and mid size commercial property owners, investors, tenants and businesses throughout metro Denver. We offer leasing and management expertise in warehouse, office/warehouse and industrial properties, office buildings, retail properties and apartments.

Why Pay Someone to Do What You Can Do Yourself?
Many smaller commercial property owners choose to manage and lease their properties themselves, and are reluctant to pay an outside provider for these services. Why should you pay someone else to do what you can do yourself for free - especially in these challenging economic times? As property owners ourselves, we understand that question. But our clients will tell you that we absolutely earn our fees -- and more than return their value to you.

"Since taking over the management and leasing of our investment properties, Sperry Properties has doubled our dividend in a leasing market that has been very tough on other property owners. They have been the perfect company to deal with our 40,000 sf and 10,000 sf industrial investments."
-Anne Greiner - Denver, CO

How We Return Value
First, our commercial property leasing and management fees are extremely reasonable. Second, because we are commercial real estate brokers and are in that marketplace every single day, we bring "insider" knowledge, connections and expertise to the table in terms of sales, leasing, tenant rep, buyer rep, marketing and management in ways that individual owners can't really achieve on their own. Third, because we are commercial property owners ourselves, we understand the issues and challenges from an owner's perspective in a way that third-party fee brokers and managers seldom do. Fourth, we deliver economies of scale because we lease and manage multiple properties. Fifth, we have systems in place to deliver outstanding responsiveness to tenants and lease or sale inquiries. Plus, our long-standing relationships with service providers means they also deliver exceptional responsiveness to us and our clients. Sixth, as professional marketers of commercial property in Denver, we have access to all the marketing avenues, databases, networking, and advertising opportunities available to professional brokers, plus up-to-the-minute market knowledge and data regarding values, trends, occupancy, etc. - and our negotiating skills are honed from years of successful commercial property leasing experience. Finally, our reporting, accounting and money management skills -- including tax implications - deliver sophistication and efficiencies that few small and mid-size owners have in place.

Denver Commercial Property Services
The ideal scenario to enable Sperry Properties to optimize the value of an asset is to synergistically lease and manage the property. But we happily offer this a la carte menu of services to property owners, investors, users and tenants alike:

Our areas of specialization include

Please click on your areas of interest or simply give us a call to talk about your own challenges, concerns or questions with regard to leasing or managing your Denver commercial property.

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