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Expert Witness Testimony
If you are involved in a commercial real estate lawsuit or dispute and seek a commercial real estate expert to testify on your behalf, please give Sperry Properties a call.

Bryan Sperry has been an expert witness in a variety of Denver and Colorado commercial real estate cases. He is known for delivering powerful, compelling and convincing expert testimony based on more than 20 years of experience in all market sectors of the commercial real estate industry including industrial, office, retail and multi-family apartment properties. His expertise includes representing landlords, tenants, owners, users and investors as well as managing, leasing, and brokering commercial properties throughout the Denver metro area and along the Front Range.

In a lawsuit or other commercial real estate dispute, being right is only half the battle. Articulating your position to the judge or jury in a convincing and compelling manner is the other half of the battle. A highly-skilled expert witness can help you do that. The critical qualities to look for in an expert witness are exceptional levels of knowledge and experience on the topic at issue. You can't afford a witness who has to "bone up" on the subject prior to his or her testimony, or someone lacking real world experience in the commercial real estate market. Both of these situations open the door for your "expert" to make a poor impression or be tripped up on cross examination. Weak testimony can significantly discredit your case, while strong and powerful testimony from a non-interested third party who is clearly an expert, strengthens your position and can help make your case. That's why you want a witness who is a true expert in the metro Denver commercial real estate market and one who speaks with absolute confidence. And that's why you want to call Bryan Sperry as your Colorado commercial real estate expert witness. For examples of Bryan's work, please read the Case Histories of Bryan Sperry's commercial real estate testimony.

Testimony Topics
Bryan's areas of experience and expertise in expert witness testimony for commercial real estate include:

Unlike expert witnesses who make their whole living from testifying, and will take any side in a case in order to earn a fee, Bryan Sperry is a full-time real estate broker who will only testify in cases he believes in. This is important for two reasons: 1) His "in the trenches" day-to-day experience in the commercial real estate market makes him a more powerful witness than many other so-called "experts" and 2) His testimony comes across as convincing, powerful, compelling and 100% sincere because . . . . it is. He is a very effective witness because his absolute conviction not only makes his testimony foolproof, but judges and juries tend to respond favorably to Bryan because of their gut level feeling that he is telling the truth.

Depending on which side he feels is in the right, Bryan will testify on behalf of the plaintiff or the defendant. If you're interested in talking to Bryan as a possible expert witness in a commercial real estate case in Colorado, please feel free to call him at:

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