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Selling Your Owner/Occupied Property in Denver, Colorado by Sperry PropertiesLet Sperry Properties help you in Selling Your Owner/Occupied Property in Denver

Selling Your Owner/Occupied Property
Sperry Properties can successfully handle your owner/occupied property sale. We are owners and occupants ourselves. We know that selling your building not only deals with the disposition of an asset but combines a move and many times the purchase of a new building all at the same time. Sperry Properties will help you coordinate this process and do the “leg work” so that you can focus on what you do best and that is run your business. First, we will help you effectively market your building for sale. Each property is different and we will custom design a marketing plan to match your buildings strengths. We will identify the property’s functional benefits and emphasize it in clear and simple terms to potential new owner occupant/users.

Our marketing strategy consists of three stages. First, we will identify the strengths of your property and design marketing materials that highlight these advantages to new potential owners. Second, we will identify who your potential buyer is and get the building information to them through either direct mail, advertisements in targeted periodicals, or by simply picking up the phone and calling them. Finally, we will place professionally designed and identifiable signage on the property that clearly identifies that the property is for sale. We understand that some owners wish to be discreet about the sale of their property and in such a case we are prepared to effectively market the property without signage.

We will structure the sale transaction so that you meet your tax requirements and your timing requirements with a possible new facility. We will help you find your new facility (if needed) and structure the timing with the new purchase so that it works with the timing of the sale of your former location.

We are prepared with the help of our 1031 exchange partners to help you structure the sale of your existing property and purchase of a new property as a tax deferred 1031 exchange. You may want to sell your existing building and build a new one in which case we can help you structure a 1031 “construction” exchange or you may wish to purchase your new building first in which case we will help you with a 1031 “reverse” exchange.

Our ownership experience will help you successfully sell and purchase your new owner/occupied building. Our market specialization will ensure that you get the expertise that you need to make the transition as smooth and as profitable as possible.

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