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Denver Office Leasing and Management
Sperry Properties has extensive experience in the leasing and management of office properties throughout metro Denver. We are engaged in the Denver office market day in and day out, helping owners, tenants, users and investors buy, sell, lease and operate small and mid size office properties. Because of our experience with Denver office properties, and because we are office building owners ourselves, we are truly experts in the Denver office leasing and property management arenas. As specialists in office leasing for building owners, office tenant rep, office buyer rep, office user sales, office investor sales and office property management, Sperry Properties brings significant value, knowledge and expertise to the table in terms of the full spectrum of office management and leasing services.

Office Leasing
As metro Denver office leasing agents, Sperry Properties provides these significant advantages:

Because we understand the office market and are office owners, users and investors ourselves, we know what tenants are looking for, what there issues are, how to meet their needs and what it takes to make the make the deal. But as owners and investors, we also understand the long-term implications of "the deal" and what constitutes a good deal rather than just what will fill the space. This is one of the reasons our clients appreciate our office leasing services and perspective so much.

Metro Denver Office Property Management
As experienced office property managers, what we know that good office property management is largely people driven. Unlike industrial properties where building features are key, or retail management where traffic and sales drive tenant satisfaction, in office property management the focus must be on keeping tenants comfortable and happy. In the office arena, this means making sure that heating and air conditioning (HVAC) is always properly functioning; that the janitorial service keeps suites, common areas and bathrooms clean and properly supplied; that access issues are properly balanced with security concerns, and that the building makes a good impression at all times.

Most important, in office property management, responsiveness is key. When tenants call with problems, they want to hear back immediately and see quick action. So that's what we deliver. As office property managers, we are committed to providing the following:

We encourage you to consider hiring Sperry Properties to manage your office property, so you can eliminate the stress of maintenance problems, vacancies, collections and emergencies from your life. Simply turn your office property management over to us.

What is a management burden for you is all in a day's work for us - and we've got the staff, systems and expertise to handle it expertly and efficiently. To learn more, call us today, or visit our page about our property management approach. Our office leasing and property management services include:

For more information, visit any of these pages, or simply call us to today to discuss how our office leasing and/or property management for Denver office buildings could be of service to you.

Sperry Properties, Inc.
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Customer Service for Office Properties - Big Fish in a Medium Pond
It's easy to give lip service to exceptional customer service, but we actually deliver. Because we are not chasing or focused on the biggest office deals, or the biggest office building owners -- preferring instead to focus on small and medium office properties and owners, -- you are a big fish to us -- not in a small pond, but in our medium pond. You get all the advantages of a "big pond" commercial real estate company, but with exceptional and personalized attention and outstanding customer service.

We could talk all day long about how wonderful our customer service is for office properties, but unless you experience it for yourself or a trusted third party tells you about it, it won't mean much. So instead of a long winded diatribe about how wonderful we will treat you, we well just tell you that we are easy to reach, return calls promptly, bend over backwards to meet your needs, and provide a wonderful overall experience - because that is the only appropriate way to treat clients. And because if we don't take good care of you, we won't be around very long

We invite you to read what our clients are saying about our services and then give us a call. We also want to mention that, in addition to our skilled services, our clients have exclusive access to our network of appraisers, surveyors, environmental engineers, contractors, architects, exchange experts, lenders, and developers for expert advice and solutions to complex warehouse management or leasing questions and challenges.

For expertise in office leasing and property management, office building receiverships, or expert witness testimony call us today:

Sperry Properties, Inc.
Commercial Leasing and Property Management Specialists

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